Walk-up NMR user instructions for ThermoFisher

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The picospin tabletop NMR instruments utilize an injection system for samples rather than the usual 5mm NMR tubes. The instrument also has a web-based interface for control and processing. Here are some instructions to get a quick spectrum of your sample:

  1. Fill a 1mL plastic syringe approximately half way. Be sure to remove any air bubbles that may be present.
  2. Check to make sure a filter is properly connected and a collection flask is at the "out" port.
  3. Slowly inject your sample into the "in" port until you observe a few drops coming out of the "out" port.
  4. Go to the picospin page of the web browser interface
  5. Select the Files option.
  6. Select the Standard Run option.
  7. Click Use these settings at run.
  8. The Run page will appear.
  9. Check the transmitter frequency and set the scans.
  10. Click Start Run.
  11. Process spectra with MNova, which is included with the product.