Walk-up NMR user instructions for Anasazi

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If you need to use a Anasazi NMR instrument for a liquid sample, here are some instructions to get a quick spectrum of your sample. Samples for most Anasazi instruments use regular 5mm NMR tubes.

  1. Open the PNMR program.
  2. The PNMR prompt, at the bottom left-hand corner of the PNMR program, indicates the nucleus that is set to observe. It should be H1> to observe proton. If not, enter nu H1 on the command line.
  3. Lift the lid on the magnet to reveal the sample compartment
  4. Press the EJECT button on the controls and remove the old sample.
  5. Remove the old sample from the spinner and insert your sample.
  6. Insert the tube with the spinner into the black depth gauge on the front of the magnet until the button of the tube hits the bottom of the gauge.
  7. Place the sample/spinner on top of the probe so that it floats.
  8. Press INJECT on the controls and wait for the sample to drop into the magnet and start spinning.
  9. If the sample does not start spinning, press INJECT again, repeat until the sample spins
  10. Close the lid on the sample compartment
  11. Type shim on the command line to shim the magnet.
  12. Type NS on the command line to change the number of scans, such as NS 16.
  13. Type zg on the command line to start the experiment. A pop-up window appears and asks for a file name, then the experiment begins.
  14. Use the fo command to set the reference once the experiment is complete.

Here is a nice image showing a sample insertion for this instrument:

Anasazi instrument.jpg