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I was online before there was an internet. When it first came out the internet had great promise for science since it was a place that people could go to for sharing knowledge. Science advanced faster since learning the current status of a field of research could be done quicker and easier. I had many links to great resources that enhanced my research and allowed me to progress in my field. The internet is forever was the idea.

However, greed got the better of things and that promise withered. Domain names started requiring annual fees, which meant that domain owners had to continuously pay to keep their site online. The internet is forever was no longer true. Then scientific journals started locking up their content behind paywalls, even though the work was done by government agencies funded by the general public. Knowledge sharing also ended and the advance of knowledge slowed down. Universities started restricting access to their research. It now takes much longer to learn enough about a particular field to be able to add to it. The final straw for me was when university and research center libraries started to restrict access, which not only makes it harder to learn what is needed to get up to speed in a field, it also permits the spread of ignorance in the general public since they cannot get to the fundamental research on a topic.

Monetization became the driving force and, one by one, the resources disappeared and the links stopped working. This wiki is an attempt to salvage what is left of those resources and save them for future generations. As a result, most of the content in this wiki is from other sources, including Wikipedia, since I foresee the day when even that resource goes away or is restricted behind a paywall. The main difference in this wiki is that it focuses on knowledge, not citations or history or language. This wiki is a place to learn, not find out who did what and when.

I will also focus on areas that I know well, using it as a bank to store my knowledge and the collected knowledge of the fields that I worked in.

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List of wikis

  1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Enzymes
  4. Making changes to the wiki