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University libraries in the USA seem to have changed their purpose. Most libraries no longer permit the general public to enter, and even scientists affiliated with the school have a difficult time to access library assets. For example, Purdue University in Indiana, formerly a prestigious scientific institution, permanently closed down their Chemistry Library a few years ago. Purdue has a Black Cultural Center Library, but no Chemistry Library! Researchers thus have to rely on other sources such as the internet to provide the resources needed for them to help to advance human knowledge.

This page will list links to books that are invaluable to biochemists and which can be found on the internet.

There are three types of science books: those that say what is known but in different ways (e.g. textbooks and reviews), those that describe new (at the time) information, and those that give details on how to do something (e.g. protocols or methods). There are millions and millions of science books out there, mainly of the first type, so finding useful reference material is a real chore. Books will thus be listed on this site if they are well-known to be indispensable for a research biochemist.

Some sites for books: