Walk-up NMR user instructions for Bruker

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If you need to use a Bruker NMR instrument for a liquid sample, here are some instructions to get a quick spectrum of your sample. Samples for most Bruker high frequency magnets use regular 5mm NMR tubes.

Step by step

  1. log in to workstation.
  2. log in to TopSpin.
  3. type ej on the command line or click the eject button to eject the current sample that is in the magnet.
  4. remove the old sample from the top of the magnet.
  5. remove the old sample from the spinner.
  6. place your sample in the spinner.
  7. place the sample/spinner in the depth gauge.
  8. slide your sample down in the spinner until it hits the stop of the gauge.
  9. place the sample/spinner on top of the column of air on the magnet.
  10. go back to the workstation, type ij on the command line or click the insert button and wait for the sample to drop down into the probe.
  11. type lock on the command line.
  12. when the list of solvents appears, choose the one that your sample is in. Wait for locking.
  13. once the sample is locked, type topshim on the command line to shim the sample.
  14. while the sample is being automatically shimmed, type edc on the command line to create a new dataset.
  15. edc opens the window that sets everything for the experiment to run your sample (example here).
  16. The NAME field is usually a sample# from a logbook, while a description of the sample goes into the TITLE field.
  17. The Experiment field is where the pulse program is chosen. Each facility has their own program that is customized for their instrument.
  18. The other fields are usually left at default since they are set by the instrument administrator.
  19. Set the number of scans by typing ns in the command line.
  20. Type zg on the command line to start the run.
  21. When the run is finished, type efp, apk and absn to process into a spectrum.